1. General about GamingHill.com

  • 1.1 How does the tournament monitor work?
    The tournament monitor is a tool which list’s upcoming online tournaments based on feeds given from our partners. You can use this tool to filter what types of tournament you want to play and get a list of when they start, including all necessary information. You can even choose to show only freeroll tournaments where you can win real money for free. If you don’t have an account with the partner in question, be sure to sign up through our deals page to get the best deal available on the web for that partner.

2. My GamingHill account

  • 2.2 Why should I be a member of GamingHill.com?
    GamingHill.com is a fast growing social gaming community which provides you with the best sign-up bonuses, rakeback offers and special deals. Our interactive community also provides you with a lot of tools and features for your entertainment and progress on your gaming activity. Our community also gives you a unique referral system which makes it possible to have a steady income for sharing the content and knowledge of the community.

3. GamingHill tools

  • 3.1 Tournament monitor
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  • 3.2 How can I edit my profile?
    You can change most of your personal information from your account settings at GamingHill.com. Use the different tabs to edit different areas of your account. It is not possible to edit your username.
  • 3.3 How do I change my email, password, phone number & username?
    You can edit most of your profile from your account settings at GamingHill.com. Use the different tabs to edit different areas of your account.

4. Clubs and groups

  • 4.1 How can I create a club page for my club?
    From our menu you can access the club overview. Choose the tab create to create a new club. Once you have created the club you get an admin panel for the club where you can choose settings such as if the club is public or hidden, which members have admin rights and so on. Included in the admin panel are features such as setting up seasons, rankings, events and tournaments for your club.

5. Earnings and payments

  • 5.1 How and when is RakeBack and partner bonuses paid?
    RakeBack and other partner bonuses are paid by the partners themselves directly to your account with the partner in question. The frequency and dates for such payments varies from partner to partner. From our deals page you can access a review on each partner – Such reviews includes details regarding when and where such payments are done.

6. GamingHill partners and partner accounts

  • 6.1 About GamingHill partners
    • 6.1.1 Why does GamingHill have partners?
      GamingHill.com is a free website with no fees for members. The reason why all games, tools, news, reviews, entertainment, features and other can remain free is because GamingHill have partners that pays us to send them players/customers. Since we represent a large group of players we usually get extra benefits for our members from our partners. This can be better sign-up bonuses, VIP programs, freerolls, GamingHill specific competitions and more. This is a win/win situation for all parties. We encourage all our members to always use our partner links when creating a player account with one of our partners, it makes us able to create even more and better features as well as strike better and better deals on behalf of our members.
    • 6.1.2 How does GamingHill select their partners?
      We pride ourselves with only becoming partners with trustworthy companies with good benefits for our members so that our members always can know that their accounts are safe and that they have the best deals. We do not just sign-up all gaming companies we come across, we thoroughly examine and have good discussions with all potential partners before we become their partners.
    • 6.1.3 Where can I find information about a GamingHill partner?
      GamingHill have detailed review pages for all partners where you can find key information such as support information, deals information, supported languages, compatibilities, withdraw/deposit options, screenshots and much more. To find the review page of one of our partners just click the small "review" button underneath any partner from one of the locations below:

      Poker, Casino, Bookies

  • 6.2 My partner accounts
    • 6.2.1 What is a partner account?
      A partner account is when a user opens a player account on any of GamingHill's partners. By opening such player accounts using GamingHill links you are sure you always get a good deal as well as extra help if something should happen to your account. It is important that you use our sign-up process (appears when clicking "sign-up" on any partner) to make sure you get the best deal and extra support. Click on one of the links below to see our partner lists and navigate from there.

      Poker, Casino, Bookies
    • 6.2.2 Why sign up partner accounts through GamingHill?
      As a big website we represent thousands of players, this is something that all players signing up through GamingHill benefits from in several ways.

      • As a big website we get a very good deal for players attached to us.

      • As a big website we often get extra benefits for players attached to us.

      • Partners will occasionally run campaigns only open for players with accounts opened through GamingHill.

      • If a dispute where to happen between you and a partner (if signed up through us) we can weigh in as a partner representing not only you, but many other players - this can be a forceful factor that can mean something extra if such dispute should occur.

      Be sure that you complete our step-by-step process so we can follow up your account!
    • 6.2.3 How do I sign up a partner account?
      When you click the "sign-up " button in conjunction with a partner image from our deals section or any other place you will get a pop-up that asks you if you want to follow the "sign-up process" or navigate directly to the partner. You can be tracked to us by navigating directly to the partner from this, but we always recommend that you follow the "sign-up process" to make sure that you are tracked correctly to GamingHill for the best deal and extra support.

      You can view your partner accounts and status from your tracking list !
    • 6.2.4 Why should I use the sign-up process?
      The only way to make sure that you are tracked correctly to GamingHill for the best deal and extra support is by following our "sign-up process". It only takes a few minutes and you have the extra benefits forever. If you don't use our "sign-up process" we can't guarantee that you will be tracked correctly to GamingHill.

      When using the sign-up process:
      You can view your partner accounts and status from your tracking list.
    • 6.2.5 How do I know if my account is tracked correctly?
      You can view your account from your tracking list as long as you used our sign-up process. It might take some time before you see an updated status in the list. Statuses includes: pending, approved, not approved (tracked).
    • 6.2.6 When is my rakeback, commission or sign-up bonus paid?
      GamingHill does not handle rakeback, VIP payments, bonus payments or any other payments. All such payments are done directly by our partners themselves. You will find information on when and where such payments are supposed to take place from our review page of the partner. Access any partner from our deal section (choose product type on top). Contact the partner support if you believe something is missing (support information on partner review). If your account is tracked to GamingHill and you feel that you still are missing some bonus or payments after talking to the partner in question please use our contact form and explain the situation.
  • 6.3 Re-tagging of existing accounts to GamingHill
    • 6.3.1 What is a re-tag request?
      A re-tag request is something you can do when you have opened a player account without using a GamingHill link (followed a link to the partner from GamingHill) to get your player account attached to Gaminghill anyway. By using our re-tag request system you are asking us to try and get your account attached to GamingHill so that you can benefit from any deal we might have with the partner, any extra promotions only for GamingHill players and our extra support.
    • 6.3.2 Why should I try to get my account re-tagged?
      If your player account with a partner aren't tracked to GamingHill you won't benefit from any special deal we might have with the partner, or any extra promotions the partner might run only for GamingHill partners and we cannot weigh in on any problems with your account. So to ensure the best conditions you should make sure that your account is tracked correctly to GamingHill.
    • 6.3.3 Who can apply for a re-tag request?
      A. Users that just forgot to click a partner link on GamingHill when opening their account.
      B. Several partners allows re-tagging if the account hasn't been used for at least 6 months.

      It is hard to get you re-tagged if you're account are attached/tracked to another website.
      Policy do vary, and in some cases it might go through (previous website might be terminated or similar).
    • 6.3.4 Which partners allows re-tagging.
      Currently we do not have a list of this. Some partners are more open to this than others. We will work to get a system allowing us more accurate information regarding this.
    • 6.3.5 How do I know if my re-tag request was approved or not?
      When you send in a re-tag request using our system our support team will get a notification and start working on it. Your re-tag request will also appear in your tracking list and a status icon will appear as well as a text message regarding the tracking.
    • 6.3.6 Where can I access the re-tag system?
      From all partner reviews you can click the "re-tag" request button, located right beneath the sign-up button. Access partner reviews from our deals section (choose product type on top) .